Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last album of Biscuit Kings

I just received the last CD "Hambones & Trombones" of the blues band Biscuit Kings. It's very good! I will put soon in JSM Radio inside the Blues Program everyday from 1 to 3 pm or 3 to 5 am Paris local time on Jazz Swing Manouche Radio.

Hambones & Trombones by the Biscuit Kings is a great collection of Americana Blues songs which seem to deal with the universal themes of love, death and the path to the Great Unkown. "The Day I Met My Waterloo", "Sweet Cheeks", "Mardi Gras Is Over" and the title song, have a definite New Orleans gumbo feel to them. Especially striking are two ballads; "Love Turns To Gold" which has a dark feel to it and the acoustic driven song, "God's Favorite Son", which strikes me as a great commentary on the current American mindset. All in all a highly listenable set!